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2021-22 Course Guide

The 2021-22 Charlestown High School Course Description Guide is now available!

This guide is an extremely valuable tool to assist the students with appropriate course selections for the 2021-2022 school year. All of the course descriptions have been thoroughly reviewed and information is included to assist you with making appropriate choices. It is important that you are aware of the requirements a student must have for graduation from Charlestown High School. Every student must earn a Core 40 diploma and pass the required State Graduation Exams. Many students will choose to earn an Academic Honors Diploma or the Technical Honors Diploma. These students must be sure to take the correct courses for those diplomas and make certain the courses are selected in the appropriate sequence. We are thrilled to share that our students now have the opportunity to work toward an Associate’s Degree from Ivy Tech as well. Our guidance staff will work with all students to ensure proper course and career pathway selections.

Students should select courses in which they have an interest and which meet their educational goals. It is important to select courses carefully because schedule changes will be held to an absolute minimum once the school’s master schedule is finalized. It becomes very difficult to change a student’s schedule once the requests have been built into the master schedule.

We encourage parents to work with their teenagers to choose courses and to discuss aspirations and career choices as students explore pathways. Collaboration among parents, students, teachers, and counselors will help provide the support that students need in their journey to reach personal goals.

Click here to open the course description guide.

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