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Welcome to the Media Center!

The CHS collection features more than 13,000 volumes and an online eBook subscription to Follett Shelf and Mackin, 20 current periodical subscriptions, and 167 audiobooks for student use. We also have subscriptions to World Book Online, Gale Student Resource Center, Opposing Viewpoints, Teen Health & Wellness, and Inspire. Our Destiny subscription also includes One Search, Web Path Express, and Reading Counts, and Lexile integration. Contact us for passwords and log-in information.

Now you can check out books online, including eBooks!

To check out books, simply click the link below.

School Supplies
Media Center Hours

The Media Center is open from 8:15 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. daily when no teacher meetings are scheduled. Students may use the Media Center during the school day for classwork, research, or to select reading materials. Attendance Students may come to the Media Center before and after school, and at lunch without passes. Students may come during the day with a Library pass, or with their classes.

Calendar Due Date
Borrowing Items/Resources
Borrowing Items: Books circulate for four weeks and may be renewed. Students may have four books checked out at a time. Reading Counts books are automatically renewed until the due date assigned by the English teacher. No fines are charged for late books, but students with overdue books will not be allowed to check out additional books.  The charge for a lost book or other material will be the replacement cost.
Copy Machine: A photocopy machine is available at the circulation desk for student use at the cost of five cents per copy (for personal use) or free copies for school.
Online Catalog: The CHS media center uses an online book catalog system called Destiny.
  • Reference and circulating materials to support and enrich the curriculum
  • Magazines and newspapers
  • Reading Counts books
  • Computers
  • Career materials
  • Audiovisual materials and equipment
  • Databases for Research
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Do you have a concern about library materials?

If you would like to request the removal of materials found in a school library, you may use the form linked below. Forms may be completed by a parent or guardian of a Greater Clark County Schools student, or a resident residing in the of the geographical boundaries of the school district.

More Resources


If your chromebook is broken, the media center is the place to bring it for repair.  Please bring in chromebook during periods 1 or 7 only.  Students who turn in a damaged chromebook will be issued a loaner chromebook to use until their own chromebook is repaired and returned.  Loaner chromebooks will not be issued to students who forget to bring their chromebooks to school.

Chromebook repair times average 3 weeks.  Students will be called to media center when repaired chromebook is available.  Loaner chromebook must be returned before repaired chromebook can be given to student.

Students are responsible for taking care of their assigned Chromebooks.

Supplemental Chromebook Insurance

GCCS offers a supplemental insurance for $12 which covers the replacement/repair cost of a chromebook if it is stolen or vandalized.  Students must report a stolen/vandalized chromebook to Mrs. Von Almen or Mr. Rowland as soon as possible after the theft.  A police report will need to be filed and a copy given to Mrs. Von Almen in the media center in order for the insurance to be filed.  Students will be issued a loaner chromebook until the replacement chromebook arrives.

All chromebooks are covered by insurance for damage repair such as a cracked screen.  Students must fill out repair form when bringing in chromebook for repair and explain how chromebook was damaged.  Excessively damaged chromebooks or chromebooks damaged due to neglect or abuse may not be covered by insurance.  Multiple incidents of damage by one student may result in losing chromebook privileges and/or paying for damage costs or replacement of the chromebook.

Using Wikipedia for Research – check out this article about using Wikipedia for scholarly research.

Bibliographies/Works Cited

BibMe – free citation maker for MLA, APA, Chicago, or Turabian styles.

CHEGG – Get help with schoolwork 24/7, access online citation and writing tools, find the right college, find internships & careers, or just find ways you can make a difference in the world!

EasyBib – Quick and easy step-by-step citation of sources and also guides you through footnotes. Download the App for your smartphone, free by clicking here.

ElectraGuide – is a tool that wants to help high school students: find a topic, create a thesis, and generate an outline.

Knight Cite – Creates citations in APA, Chicago, and MLA styles.

MLA Style – Modern Language Association of America – Straight from the horse’s mouth, “these guidelines . . . are the only ones available on the Internet that are authorized” by the MLA.

MyBib – WOW! A very simple to use citation creator in APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, and more. Helps you proofread citations for missing information and it actually creates your Works Cited page for you –with the citations in the correct order! It is free, has no ads, and can be downloaded directly to Chrome.

NoodleBib – Guides you step by step through placing needed items in their fields and shows you an example of what your citation should look like MLA style.

OWL at Purdue University — This is a great source to check to see examples of MLA 2009 formatting as well as specific directions for citations.

Slate Citation Machine – David Warlick’s Landmark Project features a fill-in-the-blank style citation maker. Features both MLA and APA standard citations.

World Book Online Citation Maker – formats in both MLA and APA styles.


Copyright Challenge – test your knowledge of copyright with this quiz.

Copyright from CyberBee – interactive site for learning about copyright issues for students.

Copyright Laws for Students – short explanation from eHow.

Copyright Quiz – “In this plan, students are made aware of copyright and fair use guidelines for teachers and asked to take a quiz on what they have learned. ”


Plagiarism Tutorial – Acadia University’s, “You Quote It, You Note It” interactive tutorial on plagiarism.

Paper Rater – FREE online service that performs basic grammar and spelling checks. This site also scans the paper and assesses it for plagiarism.

PlagTracker – “Students can also benefit from our plagiarism detection software by having their essays or research papers checked for any plagiarism that may have been committed in their work”.

Plagiarism Checker – “Type several phrases from a student’s essay, hitting the Enter key after each phrase. When you click the Submit button, this site links you to a Google search results page. The page has a list of Web sites that contain one or more of the phrases you typed in.”

Plagiarism Detect – “At PlagiarismDetect you can make sure that your papers contain original information and all the sources are properly cited.” – defines plagiarism and offers ways to avoid it.

Plagiarizr — FREE plagiarism detector.

Research Process

A+ Research and Writing Step By Step – takes you step-by-step through your research paper. Starts with being given the assignment, all the way to writing the paper.

Evaluating Web Pages – a tutorial for finding information on the Internet.

Evaluation Criteria for a good website to use for research.

Introduction to Our Research – CRLS Research Guide — This research guide will take you step-by-step through the process of “doing research” so that you don’t get lost along the way. This is the website used in our 8th Grade Computer Class.

OWL at Purdue – lots of FREE resources on the research process including online tutorials.

Primary Sources – use for a great description of primary sources.

Source Notes

Use the following forms to collect the information you will need to create your Works Cited page:

Encyclopedia Article

Film or Videorecording




Magazine or Journal


Online Database (eLibrary, Inspire, etc.)



-Television/DVD player
-Document camera
-Stereo/CD Player
-Overhead projector
-Video camera
-Digital camera
-Flip camera
-Graphing Calculators (class set of 35)
-Speaker and microphone
-Large Screen


Bulletin board paper (large rolls, many colors)
-Craft cart with markers, rulers, scissors for use in media center
-Blank CDs, DVDs, and flash drives


Teachers are welcomed and encouraged to check out books for personal reading. Mrs. Von Almen will be happy to make recommendations!
-Professional library
– located in Media Center Office.
-Teachers may request carts of books for lessons or classroom activities
-Class sets of books


-Collection of educational DVDs located in Media Center Office.

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